I would like to say that Pakistan has always given the highest protocol to American delegations and accorded unworthy respect to even the lowly-ranked American officials. What we have got in return is that several Pakistani delegations have been humiliated by American officials, a serial happening. Even during ex-President General Pervaiz Musharrafs official tour to America, some senior members of Pakistani delegation, including many ministers, were asked to remove their clothes and shoes for security check at an American airport. How low is that for a tactic and how much they have really disgraced Pakistan Through your newspaper, I wish to salute the delegation of Pakistani officers who faced this treatment and responded by refusing to attend the meeting. Their decision to cancel the trip was absolutely right. Pakistan is not a side-kick or lackey of America but an independent, self-sufficient country. It has its own identity and self-respect. I think unless America is snubbed in reply, this kind of humiliation would continue. I condemn the boorish behavior of American officials and appreciate the courageous response of the officers of Pakistani military. -HAFIZ MUHAMMAD NOMAN, Karachi, September 2.