ISLAMABAD Without taking approval from internal bodies of the university the Quaid-i-Azam University is going to start Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences (QASMS) with public private partnership at the university. It has been learnt that the internal bodies including Academic Council, Academic St-aff Association and think tank constituted by the university have rejected the idea and interestingly so far the issue has not been put before the Syndicate, the highest decision making body of the university. But the university administration has started the bidding process and it is very likely that the classes would be started from September session. Though the Higher Education Commission has allowed the universities to start pro-jects with public private partnership using assets of universities to generate funds but there are rules and regulations in place in the universities before the start of any programme and approval should be obtained from the internal bodies of the universities. Officials of the commission are of the view that the universities are autonomous bodies so they should take the decisions on their own but if they find any anomaly in the process, the commission would interfere and ask the vice chancellor regarding the issue. The Think Tank constituted by the Academic Council and the university administration comprising professors to look into the matter of QASMS had rejected the idea. The Think Tank in its meetings had overwhelming consensus that the university should not enter into private partnership in academic issues and the Department of Administrative Sciences should run BBA programme. The teaching faculty of the university in the meeting of Academic Staff Association has also rejected the idea of establishing the department with public private partnership demanding that the bidding process for private proposals of the project should be cancelled immediately. The teaching faculty considers that university will earn much more than what it would earn with private partnership. The Department of Administrative Sciences faculty was called in the Think Tank meeting in which, it completely supported the idea and stressed that it has the willingness and capacity to run the programme. They argue that the Department of Administrative Sciences (DAS) has the infrastructure and capacity and with some modifications and upgr-adation it can start the BBA programme itself from Fall 2010. And the total revenue the university will earn if the department starts the program will always be more than any offer given by any bidder. According to the working and estimates of DAS the total amount of net income in present value term the university can earn if the department takes up this project will be Rs. 2.5 billion. The department will admit a percentage of students on subsidised rates that will help the university to maintain its goodwill and social responsibility. There will be a lot of cross discipline advantages, which can add on the revenues, and reduction of cost.