Interestingly, the trio of match-fixers caught in one of the biggest scams of cricketing history also had a good cause to serve if they wished; they could have 'donated the 'fixed money to flood victims in Pakistan. You wouldnt expect this kind of Robin Hood generosity from this brood, though. They have washed away even the last bits of credibility we had as a nation. Nave as we are, we are soon going to pass off even this horrendous scandal as a routine affair. The world, however, is not going to forgive and forget. We are already in the news for all the wrong reasons. As if the brutality in Sialkot, the robbing of flood-affectees in broad daylight was not enough, along came the 'Ramadan surprise in a video on the international channels. Most of us are battle-hardened, having been through these worst of times. If our cricketers really were involved in what we saw on our screens as a barter of this countrys pride, name, fame and whatever little is left of its honourand at such cheap a pricethen there is nothing left for us to do except rue the fate of our poor, demeaned homeland. One hopes if they are found guilty, a punishment befitting the crime is meted out to all those involved. JALAL AWAN, Dharki, September 1.