The Nation was made aware by an internet blog post of a complaint about some matter which appeared on its website with the byline of a Taliban spokesman instead of our reporter. Neither the byline, nor the text under it was one we normally would have carried in the manner it was displayed on the website. An immediate examination into the complaint was made and the material was confirmed to have been placed there through a cowardly attack on The Nations internet site. The items were only being published on the website and not our print pages - further evidence that The Nation had been targeted in cyberspace. We apologise to our internet readers for this unfortunate incident and for the matter displayed and the inconvenience caused. The process of upgrading our site has begun; an emergency session was called at the head office of The Nation with our website managers and an advanced security system for is being put into development immediately. Here, we would like to address the persons responsible for this reprehensible attack on our site and challenge them to have the courage to disagree with us without the condition of anonymity. This organization has always called a spade a spade and a terrorist a terrorist, and will go on doing so. Persons or organizations who are opposed to or uncomfortable with our policy, will continue to be disappointed by their failure to embarrass us or influence our opinions through such underhanded tactics. For the last 70 years our Group has been the flag bearer of the Kalma-e-Haq and freedom of the press through eras of diplomacy and dictatorship and will continue to do so, God willing. Such an attack will only serve to strengthen our resolve to increase our presence over the internet and continue to provide news and analysis consistent with the highest degree of journalistic professionalism to our readers.