The whole world has recognized the historic and momentous change which has swept through the length and breadth of Libya, incidentally under a flag which is a wondrous look alike of the tricolour flag of Pakistan Peoples Party. The Foreign Office of my beloved country is enjoying a sound sleep while the world is witnessing spectacular transformation all across continents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs closed its eyes and buried its head in sand in October 1958, March 1969, July 1977, October 1999 and March 2007 when the constitution was abrogated by self serving adventurers. Even when ZA Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were murdered the foreign policy establishment did not shed a single tear over the tragedies. My candid diplomatic advice over the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the assassination of Bhutto was brushed aside with senseless contempt by terming my principled stand as misconduct. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007 likewise failed to produce ripples in the dormant conscience of our powerful and colonial style bureaucracy. How can the Ministry handle formidable challenges following the Abbottabad Operation, post NATO Afghanistan and Kashmir if it cannot address a simple matter of acceptance of a glaring reality shining in Libya? Once my former colleagues wake up from a state of self-imposed hibernation the world will have changed beyond recognition. Foreign Office is more than lucrative postings and transfers. Political leadership should ask Foreign Secretary to explain the unwarranted delay in living with common sense. B A MALIK, Islamabad, September 2.