ISLAMABAD - In order to complete the delayed road projects of comparatively deprived province, the government is likely to speed up work on Balochistans communication projects soon. In this prioritising policy, work on Gwadar Link Road and other delayed projects would be sped up, as some of the projects could not be completed in stipulated time due to certain reasons, sources in Communication Ministry told TheNation. They said over 40 per cent was still remaining on Sorab-Basima-Naag-Panjgur-Hoshab (454-km) Road even after passage of three years, as this project was considered to be one of the important projects of this province. Another important project - the Gwadar Port road - is yet to be completed. The delayed payment and various other factors remained the reasons behind its delay. Work on this project would be carried out on priority basis, said the sources. Other projects including (N-25) Widening of Kalat-Quetta-Chaman, Kalat-Quetta(60 km), Quetta-Chaman(57 Km), Lakpass Tunnel (180M), Musli Bagh-Qila Saifulla (50km), Ormara-Pasni section and others are still not completed even after passage of their completion dates. Work on these projects would be started with pace to complete them as early as possible, said the sources. It is relevant to mention here that a couple of weeks back, the Federal Minister for Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh had held a meeting discussing the progress of different sections of Gwadar Link Road to Rattodaro and other projects. Considering the importance of these projects, the meeting decided a mechanism to prioritize comparatively deprived province Balochistan extra ordinary delayed projects for early completion. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh had said that Gwadar Port Project was vital for the uplifting desert areas and coastal lines of Balochistan. It is relevant to mention here that M-8 (GWADAR-TURBAT-HOSHAB (193-km) that has 75 per cent completed and there were much chances to complete it by December 2012 on its completion date. Likewise, work on N-85 (Hosbad-Panjgur-Naag-Basima-Sorab) (454 KM) is underway and its completion date is in June 2014.