ISLAMABAD - Despite the incumbent governments tall claims, it could not complete work on 60 per cent of development schemes in its three-and-a-half years time, which was proposed by parliamentarians. The parliamentarians in this government proposed 13,805 development schemes, mostly related to their respective native areas. In response, the government could facilitate only 40 per cent development schemes, it was learnt reliably. Sources said work on 7,000 schemes was carried out in different areas while the remaining work would yet be started though not more than one-and-a-half year was left with the incumbent government. It was learnt that Members of National Assembly (MNAs) proposed 10,718 development schemes in different areas, mostly related to their constituencies, while nearly 6,000 schemes were completed and work on the remaining projects was still not started. Senators proposed around 3,087 development schemes while work on only over 1,150 was completed, however reason for the delay in work on the remaining ones was not known. It would not be out of place to mention here that the worsening law and order situation in the country, flash floods of 2010 and various other factors are considered to be reasons behind the extraordinary delay or non-completion of development projects. Some analysts assume that due to financial constraints, the government might not be able to further facilitate in this regards, as the projects it initiated itself were still in limbo. It is testimony of the fact that due to financial constraints, the incumbent government has released meagre funds in quarterly payment to National Highways Authority. The Communication Ministry had requested time and again to incumbent government for smooth release of funds for the ministrys different projects, but the authorities concerned could not facilitate in this regards. It may be mentioned here that the cost of its extraordinary delayed communication project has increased up to almost double and the recent budgetary allocation 2011-12, if given in such a way, could only help complete some projects in decade long time. More than two-decade-old project Lowari Tunnel was estimated to complete till next year but one billion is allocated for it. This meagre amount for big project, if earmarked in such a way, will help completing it in more than 10 years, said experts of this NHA. Another example of Lyari Express, initially amounting to over Rs 4 billion, now increased by over 100 percent due to extra-ordinary delay in execution of the project. Not only the above projects, the country is suffering disruption for more three years in its trade with China through Karakuram Highway due to 2-3 kilometre submerged part of road near Attabad lake due to non availability of funds.