After the brutal killings of more than hundred innocent Karachiites during the holy month of Ramadan, our Federal and Provincial governments finally woke up to take measures to put an end to target killings in Karachi. Our Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that target or surgical search operation will be conducted. Operations are underway in different parts of Karachi and Rehman Malik has promised the nation that culprit's faces will be shown on television. I have a suggestion for Rehman Malik. Now that he has engaged Police and Rangers to conduct search operations, why not assign both these agencies the task of getting hold of people who are stealing electricity through "Kunda" system. According to some press reports, half of the electricity gets stolen which results in loadshedding for several hours. Karachi Electric Supply Corporation has already said that if electricity theft is stopped in Karachi, loadshedding can come to an end. Ordering Police and Rangers to remove "Kundas" and arrest the electricity thieves will definitely be appreciated. M. RAFIQUE ZAKARIA, Karachi, September 2.