KARACHI (APP)- The local producers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) have cut LPG prices by Rs 2,436 to Rs 84,082 per tons, decreasing retail prices by Rs 2.5 to Rs 112-120 per kilo in the country. According to the Acting chairman of All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association, Mohammad Atique Khan here Saturday, the price of 11.8 kg cylinder has dropped by Rs 30 and 45.4 kg cylinder by Rs 111. He expressed dissatisfaction over a minimal decline of Rs 2.5 and urged producers to slash LPG price by another Rs 2,500 per ton for September 2011. Atique said that due to exorbitant increase in LPG prices, 80 per cent public transport specially auto rickshaws, delivery vans and pick ups have been converted from LPG to CNG. He pointed out that domestic consumers in hilly areas are illegally using small CNG tanks instead of LPG. This is dangerous as well, he noted. Atique said that during Ramazan, LPG use was declined to 15 per cent. It has now grown to 30 per cent after Ramazan. He said that LPG distributors have slashed the high prices while hundreds of local distributors have closed down their businesses due to falling sales. He said that commercial vehicles in remote and hilly areas have also stopped using LPG due to very high prices. Atique noted that LPG sale would further fall if its prices are not decreased by at least Rs 2,500 in September. He said that LPG producers must consider the interest of their consumers and further cut LPG prices.