It seems it is the fate of Umrah passengers from Pakistan to be mishandled and forced to face unexplained delays in flights returning back from Jeddah. It is not just PIA, but now even elements with the Saudi government, who have adopted this "couldn't care less" attitude to these Pakistani pilgrims eager to perform religious pilgrimage of Umrah and Haj. There is so much money that is being made by those in management of the airline and sitting government, that in spite of incapability to handle the excess traffic, every year the volume of traffic is being increased and so is their abuse. What else can you expect when even scions of the ruling political elite of Pakistan are involved in fleecing these poor Muslims. These airlines depute their aged and neglected fleet to operate these flights, although the fare being charged is the maximum for every revenue kilometre on international routes. Tour operators and Haj Directorate for Umrah and Haj are the real culprits. Nobody in Pakistan seems to be bothered with plight of these passengers. Indeed with each passing year the abuse keeps on increasing. As far asthis elected governmentis concerned, democracy is the best revengeand it appears the victims are poor pilgrims. GULL ZAMAN, Peshawar, September 2.