OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The provincial metropolis continues to lead the dengue fever 'cause list, leaving far behind other cities in the province. Though Lahore is having far better healthcare facilities than any other city apart from a specialised wing and trained manpower to carry out fumigation and insecticide spray, it is not reflecting in statistics as over 90 per cent of the total dengue victims across Punjab have been reported from the metropolis alone. Though the City District Government Lahore has carried out insecticide spray before- and during-the-rainy-season, it has shown little impact as the number of dengue fever cases continued to increase with every passing day. This situation has also put a question mark over the quality of material used in insecticide spray and fumigation campaign. Better healthcare facilities, though is a good omen but at the same time it has put the Lahorites at a greater risk of getting dengue fever as affected people from other areas continued to pour in local public sector and private healthcare centres for better diagnosis and treatment. The movement of patients toward the metropolis for treatment has put the Lahorites at greater risk than the citizens in other areas, medical experts believe. Mosquitoes get virus after biting affected persons and then transmit to other persons through bite. Presence of more affected persons in Lahore has put the Lahorites at a greater risk of getting dengue fever. More and more people are contacting public sector and private healthcare centres for laboratory analysis and treatment. With the unbearable surge in dengue patients number in public sector hospitals, people were forced to approach private healthcare centres for proper treatment and avoiding inconvenience. On Saturday, 78 dengue fever patients contacted the Outpatients Department of various public sector hospitals. Some 28 were accepted by the hospitals while the remaining discharged after giving necessary treatment.