KARACHI (APP) The National Flag Carrier PIA assisted in bringing the stranded Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia, said the PIA spokesman in a statement here on Saturday.He said PIA has so far operated more than 170 extra flights for Umrah besides its normal scheduled flights during current year. PIAs Umrah flights arrivals and departures were on time with an exception of a few delays due to congestion at Jeddah Airport. The spokesman said that Managing Director PIA, Nadeem Khan Yousufzai, has directed all employees to be more vigilant and take extra steps if required for the convenience of PIA passengers of Umrah flights. The officials concerned of the airline were directed by MD PIA to take special care of Umrah passengers in case of any eventuality or delays at Jeddah and to provide them hotel accommodation, if required. MD PIA also instructed PIA officials to operate extra flights for Umrah Passengers. PIA spokesman was of the view that that in a certain section of the media it was portrayed that all stranded passengers at Jeddah were of PIA. However, the fact was that the stranded Umrah passengers were of other foreign airlines. He said that PIA took every step to bring back its Umrah passengers as only one PIA flight was delayed at Jeddah Airport for nearly twelve hours. The flight was delayed due to technical reason along with congestion at Jeddah Airport. PIA operated special flight under the instructions of MD PIA Nadeem Khan Yousufzai and brought back the stranded Umrah passengers. He said that by September 1, the delay and hindrances at Jeddah Airport were cleared and the Umrah Operation normalized. With the exception of a few delays during the past few days due to congestion and non availability of Parking Bays at Jeddah airport, all PIA Umrah flights departures and arrivals were on time. The matter was taken up with Jeddah Civil Aviation Authorities by PIA. It is worth mentioning here that the problems highlighted by some of the passengers come under the supervision of airport authorities and not PIA. On very rare occasions, there may be extraordinary events that result in very lengthy delays. PIA has a detailed contingency plan at every airport to address these situations. In such events, PIA makes every reasonable effort to ensure their essential needs, such as snack food, water, restroom facilities, and basic medical assistance, are met, the PIA spokesman added.