OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Punjab Government has started poverty mapping survey under the banner of Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey 2011 with the financial assistance of the United Nations Development Programme. The survey has been launched in the entire province and is meant to serve as basis for future development planning. In total, 102048 households have been randomly selected across the province with the help of Federal Bureau of Statistics. Under the survey, information about income and expenditure of people will be gathered. In order to ascertain the livening standard of the people, data regarding food and utilities will also be collected. Similarly, data regarding services provided by the government such as sanitation and social safety nets will also be gathered. For the purposed of data collection, three kinds of questionnaires have been designed which comprise more than one hundred questions. The survey is being viewed as an important initiative as it will provide vital information regarding patterns and trends of poverty in the province and will determine the allocation of resources in various regions as well as sectors. The UNDP is providing Rs 60 million in terms of technical assistance for the survey. The survey will also track the progress towards achievement of Millennium Development Goals in the province.