It is encouraging to note that Russia has expressed its willingness to invest heavily in Pakistan and Afghanistans energy sectors to pace up the completion of on-going joint projects. This assurance was given by no less a person than the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during his meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari. Both the leaders are in Dushanbe for a Quadrilateral Regional Summit comprising Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. He particularly mentioned projects codenamed CASA-1000 which was aimed at sending power from Tajikistan to Pakistan and Afghanistan and a trans-national gas pipeline adding that it was time to move from words to deeds. Russia is also willing to invest in transport, agriculture, chemical, construction and food sectors. However, Pakistan must focus on Russian investment in energy sector whose plight has rendered our industrial sector totally sick and if something is not done fast, our national economy would further crumble. The governments policy to look towards the East instead of entirely depending on the West deserves appreciation. We must welcome Russian investment and improved economic ties sans their ideology. Instead of letting their ideology flourish and repent later on, focus must be on cementing economic ties.