OUR STAFFF REPORTER LAHORE - The business community and financial experts has said that the tax amnesty schemes are flawed on several counts and raises serious questions as far as moral and social aspects are concerned. Such schemes offer incentive to individuals and companies to keep money undeclared and have almost no impact on black economy they said adding that policy makers should not ignore its dangerous effects on moral fabric of society. They said that tax amnesty scheme is not adding significantly to government coffers rather it is encouraging tax evaders and their helpers. They said that the idea behind such schemes is to unearth huge amounts of undeclared money but it has become controversial, questionable and useless. Schemes aimed at retrieving the lost revenue exempts offenders from punishment and help those who assist wealthy hide their taxable income, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW. "Such schemes may give short-lived boost to our ailing economy but will not help to curb corruption and tax evasion," said Dr. Murtaza Mughal. He said that influential generates around $15 billion of black money every year while the unrevealed cash is estimated to be $200 billion which can resolve many problems we are facing if governance is improved. Offering incentives for declaring undisclosed income are not a solution; it send message that government is ready to condone tax evaders and will pursue honest tax payers," he said. Media and civil society have been raising voice against corruption but inaction by the government amounts to sponsoring corruption, he said. Dr. Mughal demanded asked the Supreme Court to take steps against those who have parked their money in tax heavens. He asked honest politicians and civil society to push the government discharge legal duty by signing a deal with Swiss government to recover the lost revenue and stolen funds which are badly needed at home.