KARACHI - Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) domestic flights PK-501 and PK-508 both made emergency landing after their engines malfunctioned on Saturday. Luckily, the passengers and staff of both the planes remained safe. PIAs ATR plane, on a flight numbered PK 501, took off from Karachi for Turbat but returned after half an hour to Jinnah International Airport to make an emergency yet safe landing as one of its engine failed during the flight. Twenty passengers besides the staff were on board the plane. Sources said PIAs engineering department was working to rectify the fault. Another PIA plane on the way from Punjgur to Karachi made emergency landing after one its engines malfunctioned. The plane of flight PK-508 managed to land safely. Captain of the flight informed the Karachi air traffic control about the situation after which Civil Aviation Authority made arrangements for flights emergency landing.