Turkey deserves unqualified praise for showing the door to Israeli Ambassador and suspending all military ties with Tel Aviv shortly after a confirmation by a UN panel that the country had used excessive force while attacking a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in 2010. Indeed for everyone in the entire Muslim world and every other human being who has been witness to Israels barbarities on the hapless Palestinians, this step will come as a huge consolation. It is after all pleasing to know that there is at least one country that has the courage to take a bold stance against Israel and openly challenge its barbaric conduct. Turkeys Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated that ties would now be further downgraded and even said that Turkey will challenge Israels blockade on the Gaza Strip at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. This proactive role by Ankara contrasts sharply with the insensitivity being displayed by the rest of the Muslim world to take up the cause of the Muslims caught up in protracted disputes. This indifference of the Muslim world however is not limited to Palestine only but also another festering dispute of Kashmir. There is of course Afghanistan, where the US has been given a carte blanche to do whatever it likes. It seems that the West has been able to succeed in its machinations of dividing the Muslim world. Otherwise how come it is possible that any Muslim country would ever ignore the kind of barbarities inflicted on Muslims in all the occupied lands? With Turkeys bold step, certainly a hope has arisen that Muslims are conscientious people, who care more about human rights than the West and will rescue their brethren suffering under the yoke of savage armies like those of Israel, India and the US. Indeed the Muslim countries must realise that they cannot afford to stand as idle spectators watching these big powers carry on a reign of terror in their lands. The US for instance has only increased the miseries of the Afghans ever since it invaded their country. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and the alarming thing is that this bloodshed continues. The world of Islam must now come forward in opposing India and Israel to not only immediately end their barbaric rule over the occupied territories but also account for their atrocities. There is hardly any doubt that the human rights violations being committed on a daily basis make these countries guilty of state terrorism. So far as Turkey is concerned it is a matter of great relief that it has pledged to take the attackers of the aid-flotilla to justice. They should be made horrible examples and even the regimes that condone their acts should be taken to task. The Muslim world can ill-afford any further delay in healing its wounds.