BAHAWALPUR - A team of doctors of the Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) Child Surgery Ward successfully operated upon conjoined twins and saved the life of one of them.

BVH Child Surgery department In-Charge Dr Zubair Ahmad led the team.

As per details, resident of Layyah Muhammad Ameen's wife gave birth to twins which were physically attached. The doctors decided to operate them after proper check-up.

Surgeons explained that neck bones of one child were in the chest of the other while they also shared blood veins and hands.

After an extremely risky surgery, lasted six hours, the doctors saved one of the kids whose condition is stated to be out of danger.

The team which operated on the conjoined twins consisted of Dr Zubair Ahmad, Dr Muhammad Abid and Dr Adnan Bhutta. They informed that one child was complete from belly to chest but upper kid's neck bones were in the chest of the other kid. So after proper check-up we decided to operate them to save one child with the efforts of Paediatric and surgeons.

They said that lungs and liver of the saved child was working properly and in some days he will start taking milk normally.

Father of the child Muhammad Ameen acknowledged the efforts of doctors. He was also obliged to the Punjab CM for the provision of free medicine which helped made the operation successful.