LAHORE – A special dengue awareness campaign launched by Punjab Prisons Inspector General Mian Farooq Nazeer in all the districts and central jails of the province has entered in second phase as tests from warders are being conducted by the Prisons Department.

The additional home secretary is personally supervising the campaign, while senior doctors and dengue experts are continuously delivering special lectures about the dengue epidemic and the effort is yielding positive results.

Farooq Nazeer told TheNation on Monday that he has got removed flowerpots from his office, has issued directions to dry each nook and corner of every jail, and ordered that water be used in the time of dire need only.

In the first phase, we imparted special training to jail superintendents, deputy superintendents, assistant superintendents and warders about the menace of dengue, said Nazeer, adding that later these authorities were directed to create awareness among the prisoners in their relevant prisons across Punjab.

“Now, we are conducting special written tests of these personnel to check their knowledge about dengue and its precautionary measures,” the IG Prisons informed. He further said the cleaning of potential dengue mosquito breeding sites was the most successful mechanism for combatting the menace, while stagnant water of all types, except sewer, provides favourable conditions for the reproduction of mosquito. “Therefore, water in all pots, even in flowerpots, has been dried only to the spread of dengue,” he added.

Also, National Highways and Motorways Police (NH&MP) Deputy Inspector General Rai Altaf Hussain said on Monday that lane and line discipline was route to safety.

Reviewing progress of the lane discipline campaign started by N-5 Central Zone during his visit from Lahore to Multan, DIG Rai Altaf observed that heavy transport and public service vehicle continuously use second lane, which is not only a hindrance in the free flow of traffic but also becomes a cause of serious accidents.

The NH&MP DIGdirected the officers of N-5 Central Zone to carry out a comprehensive briefing campaign about creating awareness regarding lane discipline.