The phenomenon of insider attacks, where seemingly friendly Afghan security personnel open fire at their Nato compatriots has become so common that it has forced the US to suspend training of at least 1,000 Afghan soldiers. The death toll from such attacks stands at 45 from the start of this year. Background checks on existing Afghan forces are being carried out.

This particular form of belligerence is thought to be a signpost to the Taliban resurgence but apart from that there are others factors involved. Principally, they bear out the aversion of Afghans to foreign occupation; they also have roots in the insensitive excesses of coalition forces, like desecration of slain militants’ bodies and burning the Quran. It should be clear that while the use of force could not tame the vanquished country, financial inducements too will mean little for them. In jeopardy are Nato-Kabul relations specifically in terms of preparing the Afghan National Army; obviously any role of the foreign forces beyond the withdrawal deadline will be fraught with dangers. The solution lies in as complete an evacuation as possible.