It was shocking to see a father going on hunger strike on Eid-ul-Fitr day. He wanted the authorities to take notice of his ordeal. He had lost his only son at the hands of a quack some time back in Kandiaro. Jahangir Shah comes from a poor family who could not afford a regular doctor’s fee and took his son to a quack who killed him. His plight was shown in a report made by a Sindhi TV channel, but, sadly it was not covered by any national news channels. It is the non-availability of medical health and trained doctors that forces the poor of rural areas to go to quacks. The population in rural areas does not resort to agitation a major reason why the government easily ignores their problems. This creates in them deep alienation and the desire to move to big cities. I appeal the Prime Minister to kindly look into the incident. I would also urge the Chief Secretary of Sindh to call to account the district administration for being indifferent to the complainant of this bereaved father.

M Javed, Kandiaro,

Lahore, September 2