KARACHI  - Yakoob H Karim, President Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry, has urged the government to immediately withdraw the imposition of Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) of Rs 100 per MMBTU on industries which has been increased from Rs 13 only per MMBTU.In a press release, he termed this more than 650% increase in the cess, as a hard hitting step by the government rendering the cost of doing business abnormally high; thus making the industries uncompetitive in the wake of high tariff of utilities, power loadshedding, worsening law & order situation and high rate of financial cost.The Chamber chief informed that the gas tariff available for Pakistan is more then 180% higher than that available to Bangladesh industries, which has now become a tough competitor of Pakistan in the international market.Yakoob H. Karim apprehended that the imposition of such a high rate of GIDC would force the closure of many industries rendering thousands of workers unemployed thus increasing the pressure on national economy which is already under immense pressure due to inconsistent government policies.In view of the above he strongly urged the government to immediately withdraw the current imposition of GIDC of Rs.100 per MMBTU in order to save the industrial sector from disaster.