I would like to recommend the Minister of Interior and all the senior officers of police force to start watching all the TV series called CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). CSI or Crime Scene Investigation is a department of the US Police force that collects all the data at a crime scene, this data is than analyzed to find out the actual culprits. New technology and equipment has made this department of the US police force even more important and with the discovery of DNA, it is possible to figure out who was at a crime scene by analyzing DNA.

In Pakistan we have a different way of investigation.

It would help police if there was an authentic data base with every citizen identified and records of fingerprints with our Interior Ministry. The Minister of Interior would also have to push for new laws to allow results of such crime labs as references or evidence in criminal investigations, as the current law does not allow any computer based data to be used as evidence in investigations.

Therefore a new set of laws that allow the acceptance of data and other evidence like emails, mobile calls and SMS, photographs, chemical analysis, DNA testing etc in criminal investigations should be introduced in Pakistan.

By deploying DNA and fingerprint technology they would be able to find the real culprits quickly. Similarly by allowing Police force access to mobile tracking through communication towers triangulation through easy custom made software will improve their response time. By helping the Police Force become an investigative organization, Interior Minister would be able to improve internal security of Pakistan.


Peshawar, Septembe