Neither the PTI has failed in the governance of KP, nor have people shown confidence in Ghulam Ahmad Bilour of ANP or no-confidence in PTI in KP when it lost this constituency to ANP. It would be the most naive idea to assert that just for it’s over two-month long rule in KP, the PTI has failed to deliver. What was the cause of PTI's defeat was the alliance of the four major political parties--JUI F, PML-N, PPP, and ANP, which are staunch protectors of status quo. They were bent upon defeating the PTI for the sake of their own existence. Why would they not have shown alliance against PTI, as each of these parties had plundered the nation's wealth?

Three of these major political parties against PTI have earned billions of dollars in the war against terrorism. They were worried about the nose that PTI was going to put around their necks if it won in the general elections. So to save their skins they had to unite to fight against one honest party that had cried ‘wolf’. On the other hand parties that claimed Islamic allegiance such as Qaumi Watan Party and Jamat-i-Islami didn't actively support PTI in the by-elections as none of them actually practice what they preach. If Imran Khan had resolved the dispute between Samad Mursaleen, and Gul Bacha, the situation would have been different and PTI would have definitely won NA-1 constituency again. It is wrong to say that PTI's tsunami has begun to recede in KP in general and Peshawar in particular; it can any time surge again on the call of PTI's charismatic chief, Mr. Imran Khan! And by the way, tsunami by its nature catches you unawares.


Charsadda, August 27.