What an encouraging cum morale boosting news it is that the Pakistan Railways has earned Rs. 2.92 billion during two months due to its pro-passenger policy of introducing a discount on the tickets. In addition to this the department has earned Rs. 249 million more than the amount envisaged in the budget. All this has been achieved by granting a special discount on fares between Lahore and Rawalpindi and reduction of up to 60 percent on several other sectors.

It may be noted that the inefficiency and corruption of the previous government destroyed the railways’ system to such an extent that it came on the verge of closing down. The credit must be given to the Minister for Railways Saad Rafiq for putting this dwindling system on the path to progress. He must maintain his wise policies by spending the profit on complete overhauling of the system by repairing the defective engines and putting them back on line, improving the train compartments maintain cleanliness and the arrival and departure on time.

Railways have always been the arteries of a country and we must focus on our Railway system and try to improve it. This being the most important, convenient and affordable system of traveling and transportation, it must be made so comfortable that it wins back the common man’s confidence and its lost popularity.


Lahore, September 2.