PESHAWAR - Former deputy speaker Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Ikramullah Shahid has said that undeterred journalist late Dr Majid Nizami and his brother late Hamid Nizami played a great role for promotion of Ideology of Pakistan.
"Both veteran journalists had devoted their lives for stability of Pakistan," Ikramullah Shahid said this while addressing a seminar organised by the Pakistan Ideology Forum Peshawar at the Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday.
He said the Muslim rulers had been ruling the whole sub-continent but later on when the British occupied the Indian sub-continent, the Muslims of India rendered great sacrifices to liberate the country. He said that Pakistan was got after untiring and unmatched sacrifices of our forefathers but today the rulers have forgotten those sacrifices and that's why the country is confronting with numerous challenges.
He also recalled that soon after partition Hindus and other non-Muslims were facilitated and ensured their safe migration to India but the Muslims confronted with numerous difficulties when were migrating to Pakistan. "We have also forgotten the sacrifices of tribal people who defended the country's frontiers," they added.
Paying glowing tributes to late Dr Majid Nizami , former member KP Assembly Dr Zakir Shah, President of Pakistan Ideology Forum Peshawar and Central Chairman of Pakistan Thinker Forum Liaquat Ali Tabssum, former SP Mahmood Jab Babar, Dr Sadiqur Rahman, Mohammad Zahir Shah and journalist Shamim Shahid said that not only Dr Majid Nizami personally but his media organisation also played a great role to promote the ideology of Pakistan. 
They said that it would not be wrong to say that late Majid Nizami had devoted his entire life for the country's cause. He said that it is a good omen that people like Dr Majid Nizami are still present to follow his footsteps to defend the ideological boundaries of Pakistan.