Punjab is one of the most fertile regions in Pakistan. The economy of Punjab is the fastest growing economy of in the state. The province plays a pivotal role in Pakistan’s economy by contributing almost 60 percent to the total agricultural production of the country. Therefore, in order to help further develop the agricultural sector and provide relief to farmers, the Punjab government has approved a scheme to give interest-free loans to farmers. The details suggest that soft-term interest-free loans will be given to the farmers for Rabi and Kharif crops. A landowner owning up to twelve and half acres of agricultural land will be eligible to get this loan.

Since agriculture is of paramount importance for national economy and that a major portion of the population of our country is associated with it, therefore, the government has announced a Kissan Package of Rs 100 billion. Researchers are finding new ways of increasing the yield per acre. All of these reforms may produce promising results if implemented properly. Our government should continue its endeavours in this direction so that in the times to come, produce becomes extremely high and our economy prospers.


Lahore, August 22.