My wife married me against the wishes of her family. Their approval lied elsewhere and in order to seek revenge from us, they issued a fake FIR against me and my brothers. We have also received many death threats from her family. Moreover, we also narrowly escaped an armed assault, near our residence in Islamabad, which had been plotted by her family. My wife belongs to a very rich and influential family which is why the police have sided with them. I am continuously being pressurised to return her. My family is also under severe threats from her family. 

We have had a proper court marriage. The marriage documents contain her signatures. We have fled the country, and are now residing in Korea. Her family has threatened to kidnap her. If we come back to Pakistan I’m sure we will be killed. Unfortunately, no one will be ready to take responsibility for our lives. I have moved my complaint to IG Lahore through E-compliant. Before this my complaint was moved to DSP New Town Rawalpindi through CPO Rawalpindi. Instead of hearing what my family had to say, DSP Raja Taifur ordered the investigation officer New Town to take strict action against my brother. I am a graduate of a Korean university and it will bring bad reputation to my academic profile if I apply for asylum here. Moreover, by making appeals of protection from the Korean government, I will also be tainting the reputation of my country. The incidences of honour killings in Pakistan have already brought it a bad name. Recently, two couples were brutally murdered for marrying out of their own choice. I do not want to meet the same fate. Therefore, I request the interior ministry of Pakistan to offer us protection. 


South Korea, August 22.