NEW YORK - A number of Pakistani-Americans — many of them originally from Karachi — Friday staged a demonstration in front of the British Consulate in New York demanding a decisive action against Altaf Hussain that would put an end to his anti-Pakistan activities from his base in London.

They raised vociferous slogans in favour of Pakistan and against Altaf Hussain’s hate speeches, especially his attempts to incite violence in the country. The demonstrators carried Pakistan’s national flags, with some of them wrapped up in the green-crescent-and-star.

Speakers at the event drew British government’s attention towards Altaf Hussain’s criminal activities and asked it not to allow terrorists and money launderers to operate on its territory to disturb peace in Pakistan’s largest city. They particularly voiced their outrage against the disgraced leader for chanting anti-Pakistan slogans. A number of Pakistani and Kashmiri organisations, including the Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum (PUFF), organised the demonstration. Among them were PUFF’s Comrade Shahid, Dr Mouhammad Shafiq and Sardar Sarwar Khan, a former member of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council.