KABUL: Afghan security forces in eastern Nangarhar province claimed to have thwarted an attempt to smuggle military equipment, including drone parts, to Pakistan.

One official wishing to go unnamed told that Special Forces were dispatched from Kabul to eastern Nangarhar province in the morning.

The forces conducted a joint raid with Nangarhar Border Police in Momand Dara district and recovered the military gear from a house.

He said the seizure included parts of drone, which were destined for trafficking to Pakistan. The US recently provided Afghan security forces with spy drones.

This comes as the security forces have busted a militant recruitment centre in the eastern Nangarhar province recently. The Islamic State recruitment was busted by Afghan forces in TangiGori area of Haska Mina district, said provincial press office in a statement.

The statement said that seven IS fighters were killed and nine others were wounded in the district. The militants were using the centre for youth recruitment.

The group was focusing on brainwashing the youths and train them with extremist ideologies. Two motorcycles and some ammunition were also destroyed in the operation.