ISLAMABAD :  Jamaat-e-Islami yesterday filed an appeal against the objections raised by registrar office on its petition to initiate investigation into the Panama Leaks and arrest those who have illegally transferred money out of Pakistan for establishing ‘off-shore companies’.

The registrar office had returned the JI petition filed on August 24 and declared: “The petition prima facie appears to be frivolous within the contemplation of Order XVII Rule 5 of the Supreme Court Rules, 1980.”

The JI appeal against the objections said that the registrar did not state how and why the petition is ‘frivolous’.

“Unless and until the reasons are given, the registrar objection in this regard is of no legal importance and for that reason needs to be ignored and declared as illegal and without jurisdiction.”

The appellant said that the petition was filed for the enforcement of fundamental rights relating to the investigation of allegations leaked out through ‘Panama Papers’ that money was transferred abroad and made illegal investments in offshore companies in Panama.

It was demanded that to initiate inquiry followed by trial proceedings under the law and resultantly for issuance of direction for the arrest of culprits and to recover and bring back public money to Pakistan.