islamabad - Nomad would organise a show presented by American portrait photographer Tom Norris here at the Nomad Art Ggallery on September 5.

In the show Tom Norris would shares some of the stories of how these images came to be and what he has learned through his enlightening experiences in Pakistan, Founder Director Nageen Hyat told this agency.

Tom Norris is an American portrait photographer with a heart for humanity and building relationships.

He has a BFA from Old Dominion University located in Virginia. After moving to Phoenix,Arizona two years ago, he was inspired by the new surroundings and faces to begin a portrait series.

The idea for Show Humanity started when talking with his good friend, Danish Rahi, and hearing how the image of Americans overseas is drastically different from the reality of the majority.

In this portrait series, he has attempted to show a cross section of everyday Americans, all photographed on location as he met them.

Part 2 of this project will require photographing Pakistani people while he is visiting. He hopes to be able to gather enough images to put on a show in the US to change American’s view of the Pakistani people, thereby showing humanity to itself so that we may realise that we are all human and need to respect each other as such. The show would be start at 5 pm.

Meanwhile, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) would organize Mural Painting Competition in connection with Independence day and Defense Day here on September 6.

The theme of mural painting competition is `Pakistan, the land of diverse culture and civilization’. This competition aims to depict the culture of Pakistan as culture consists of language, values, beliefs, institutions, works and arts , religion and festivals, an official told this agency.

Art students from different university and colleges would participate, from every college and university group of 6 to 8 art students will make mural in a stipulated time period. Each group would be assigned to present culture of a province in their ark work.

Jury will take a decision, price distribution ceremony would start at 4am to award the winners of the competition. The event would attract a large number of art lovers, students and civil society members from across the city. Competition would be held at National Art Gallery at 10 am.