“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

–Allan Bloom – 1930-1992.

My recent visit to a private school in an underprivileged district of Lahore brought me face to face with a harsh reality. In the 21st century, when technological escapades and resourcefulness has changed the face of mankind, they are still many who are deprived of quality education. The public education sector in Pakistan is in a deplorable condition. Every child belonging to a family stricken by poverty is at a large comparative academic disadvantage right from the start of school. Ramshackle working conditions, under qualified teachers and poorly organised institutions cannot work towards forging a bright and confident individual who can serve his/her nation. Institutions are meant to be breeding grounds for sharp minds, encouraging not only academic excellence but also participation and achievement in extra curricular. Schools of the public sector of Pakistan offer neither. In fact, the limited resources which are allotted to them go into the pockets of corrupt administrators. Investing on public schools has become a political popularity tactic instead of deed committed in the name of humanity. On the bright side however, some devoted Pakistani citizens are taking the responsibility to promote quality education and provide it to those who cannot afford it. We can only hope that the efforts of these individuals awaken the slumbering conscience of the concerned government officials.