The Lahore Waste Management Company collected and disposed of more than 50,000 tonne animal waste on Eidul Azha and following two days.

Compared to the previous years, sanitation operation was more effective as LWMC cleared all major roads and thickly populated areas on Eid day when animal waste load was enormous. Lack of significant rains on Eid day and taru also helped proper lifting and disposal of offal and other animal waste from various localities of Lahore. LWMC also managed lifting of waste on Monday when the city received significant rains.

Last year, LWMC collected and disposed of 30,000 tonne animal waste.

LWMC distributed two million biodegradable bags among citizens before Eid day. In addition to thickly populated areas, LWMC conducted exclusive operation cleanup in all cattle markets besides washing and sweeping of collective slaughter centres and major mosques. Famous artist Afzal Khan (Jan Rambo) supported LWMC in operation clean up. He accompanied LWMC teams in different localities on Eid and following days. 

With the exception of complaints from some parts of the city in the afternoon on taru, the sanitation operation was effective to the extent that Lahore was giving a cleaner look even in congested localities of the Walled City.

The administration, however, failed to check hazardous activity of burning of pai (foot) and preparing siri (head) at mobile shops in every nook and corner of Lahore. These makeshift shops equipped with gas cylinders and stoves continued providing services of mincing meat and preparing siri pai (head and foot) not only in Northern Lahore but also in several posh localities on Eid and following days.

The district administration booked 100 people for unlawful collection of skins/hides of sacrificial animals. These persons were either collecting hides without NOC or at camps in localities where their organisations were not allowed such an activity.

Addressing a press conference at Jinnah Hall on Monday, Lord Mayor Metropolitan Corporation Lahore Col ® Mubashir Javed appreciated LWMC staff and management for successful pre and post Eidul Azha sanitation operation.

He attributed success of sanitation plan to proper preparation like distribution of two million biodegradable bags, zero waste drive before Eid day, awareness campaign at cattle markets and schools, assigning duties to 14,000 employees and high ups of LWMC in shifts and cooperation of public at large with the administration. He was all praise for Afzal Khan (Jan Rambo) for supporting LWMC in sanitation drive.

He said that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif would announce prize for staff on successful sanitation operation. He said that performance of LWMC, participation of Afzal Khan (Jan Rambo) and public cooperation has helped making Lahore clean on Eid and following days. He said that it was pride for people that Lahore was the cleanest city in Pakistan.