MIRPURKHAS   -  Councillors Kamran Shaikh and Habibullah on Monday sought details of the funds worth Rs520 million allocated for the development of wards as the government had allocated Rs500,000 per month for each ward.

In an application submitted to the higher authorities, they lamented that despite receiving Rs520 million funds, unsanitary condition prevailed in the city and owing to badly condition of sanitary condition citizens facing great hardships and disappointed.

They blamed that draining and sewerage system as well as cleanliness of the city had been devastated resultantly, filthy heaps were lying at the main roads and streets.

They said that on January 24, 2017 in the council meeting CMO had admitted that Sindh government has started to sent RS500,000 each ward for development purpose on which the Municipal Committee Mirpurkhas (MCM) chairman expressed his not knowledge about this.

They alleged that during the duty, officers with connivance of the chairman were prepared fake bills of millions of rupees. They urged that the higher authorities to force the MCM chairman and CMO and other officers to explain and appear the utilisation of the above provided funds for wards as per law.

Meanwhile, cattle traders alleged that so-called contractor of Cattle Peri market with connivance of MCM chairman forcibly receiving bribe from cattle traders instead to receive the cattle fee according to official schedule.

Speaking at a joint press conference held here on Monday. They further said that in past on the order of Sindh High Court, the market was shifted to Tando Adam road however, now again under the deep conspiracy Cattle Peri market was being shifted to private land near slaughter house by so-called contractor.

They disclosed that contract of the cattle market was not auctioned and the MCM chairman had handed over it to his favorite person after receiving heavy bribe.

They further said that they had submitted complaints to deputy commissioner, MCM chairman and Mirpurkhas SSP but no result was appeared.

They demanded the Sindh chief minister, governor Sindh and other authorities to take immediate notice of forcibly receiving bribe, illegal shifting of cattle market.