Pakistan’s population is around 185 million out of which more than 70 million people are living below the poverty line i.e. earning less than $2 a day. Health sector in Pakistan has been struggling for many years. People living in urban areas have an easy access to healthcare facilities whereas, in rural areas, accessibility to proper medical services is difficult. The main health issues are due to lack of awareness, poor diet, water pollution and hygiene problems leading to communicable and non-communicable diseases. Poor medical facilities, doctors shortage and untrained midwives are also resulting in health deterioration of underprivileged people of Pakistan.

Around 78% of the population is paying for health expenditures out of their pockets which is manageable for upper or middle class but for the lower class. Many government hospitals providing free treatment to poor people but that too is not sufficient. The majority of people have to sell their valuable assets to afford better treatment. Efforts are made to improve the healthcare system in our country but is not encouraging. The solution is bringing capable physicians, health awareness and swift access to medical care.


Kech, August 14.