Islamabad - The renovation of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) is being welcomed by the patients visiting the hospital as they are calling it a positive measure by the hospital administration, The Nation learned on Monday.  Soon after the change of command in PIMS the administration has started revamping the hospital following the international standards for the facilitation of the patients.  “There is a clear difference of maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital,” said Maham Ali, who resides near the hospital and visits it regularly as it is affordable and suitable for her.  She said that though there is a long way to go for complete administrative improvements in the hospital but as a citizen, she has witnessed visible positive change in the hospital in the last few months.

“All wards especially cardiology and private wards are showing a new picture,” she said. Ahmed Subhan an attendant of a patient at PIMS said that the hospital administration has installed sign boards showing directions to the relevant departments of the hospital which is very helpful for the patients visiting the hospital.  “Earlier, the patients were looking for guidance of security guards and other people to reach their desired  departments but pictorial sign boards has made it easy for us,” he said.  Subhan also said the emergency beds are also found comparatively clean now. PIMS spokesperson Dr Waseem Khawaja said that the hospital administration is paying special focus on raising the cleanliness standards of the hospital.

He said that all rooms were clean and have been upgraded as the level of international hospitals and all lifts have been repaired and are in working condition for facilitation of the patients.  He said all types of emergency cases of cardiology are being treated there including free treatment and free stunts for poor patients which is commendable and doctors have been instructed to check patients without wasting time on lunch and tea breaks.