The re-imposed sanctions by trump on Iran’s automotive sector and its trade in gold and precious metals, as well as those related to Iranian currency. Will add to the crisis in the middle east that prevails after Trump pulled Out of the nuclear deal this may .Along with re-imposition of sanctions. Trump has also issued a warning that trading with Iran in violation of .America sanctions means no trade with the United states. 

Re-imposed sanctions in Iran is huge issue for Pakistan. Because Iran is neighbourhood of from very begging. Their traditional system is similarly to Pakistan as well as culture. As a fact the Imran Khan has been called from president Hasssan Ruhani and gladly accepted. Besides others relationship we has the similar religious point of view. At the beginning of independence time Iran was only country who declared that Pakistan is the Islamic democratic country in the world . 

Further more it is clear - as history tells us in case of many other countries that experienced American sanctions -that the US will fail in securing its objective of making the world more peaceful. Trump’s counterpart ‘ Hassan Rujani ‘In Tehran has correctly rejected many idea of talks until sanctions are in effect. Other global actors like Britain ‘France ‘Germany ‘Russia ‘ And China need to global imbibe sense in the American decision makers .It is a test of the diplomatic skills of the other partner to the Iranian deal to convince Trump to revive its decision. To cut relationship with Iran is not the sign of peace ‘rather the way of violation the peace in the world. 


Balochistan, August 11.