Govt of Punjab has requested for a judicial inquiry of the Salahuddin's case and a FIR has been registered against police officials.

According to details, a murder case has been registered against three officials including SHO. Meanwhile DSP and all 3 policemen have also been suspended. 

Earlier autopsy of the Salahuddin's body was conducted under the supervision of MS Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar Khan, the post-mortem conducted by a medical board consisting of 4 doctors made some revelations, sources informed.

During post-mortem, discoloration of skin was found at 7 points on body of deceased which is quite natural after a few hours of death. Skin has been cut and sent to PFSA for further analysis.

The area from where skin was cut by doctors and sent to PFSA is being circulated on social media as injury due to torture and some are implying that police put hot iron on deceased body. There was no fracture in the body of the deceased as mentioned in radiology report.

All the organs were found to be healthy and intact and no evidence of internal injury or bleeding was found. Unofficially, Doctors have ruled out torture.