The unbelievable behavior of a Karachi town people who beaten to death a 16-years-old child by accusing him of stealing things is really heartbreaking. Killing innocents just because of a unproblematic and small mistakes is unimaginable, might he was compel. Was the only solution to kill him? Shame on those dirty minded who did this. These activities are never done by true Muslims.

Every day innocents are being assaulted, killed and tortured but so sad that our government is never being successful in eradicating such evils.

Hoping for others is a total waste of time. Our public need to take solemn oath to protect our environment by such evils and do proceeding on such people who caught the hopes of Pakistan future. If we not then who, if not now then when? Allah should not do so but if tomorrow your own child becomes a victim then what will be your reaction?