PESHAWAR - Times Higher Education World University Rank­ing-2021 has ranked Ab­dul Wali Khan Universi­ty Mardan (AWKUM) the first among all Pakistani universities in terms of research.

Seventeen universities of Pakistan have been ex­amined and ranked by the world body and AW­KUM was declared the top in terms of research and citation.

It may be mentioned here that this year, AWKUM beat Quaid-e-Azam University, which was previously hold­ing the top position. Also, the university in Mardan was ranked 510th on world level in terms of quality and research.

Meanwhile, AWKUM vice-chancellor Prof Dr Zahoor-ul-Haq chaired a meeting, attended by the university’s Dr Haz­ir-ur-Rehman, Dr Wa­heed Murad, Dr Faizan, Registrat Mian Saleem and director admissions Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman.

Speaking on the occa­sion, Dr Zahoor-ul-Haq said that thousands of stu­dents were awarded de­grees upon completion of their courses at AWKUM since its establishment.

He said that it was an honour that the univer­sity has 300 PhDs, the largest numbers of doc­torate degree holders in the province.