ISLAMABAD - A senior lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri Thursday filed an application in Supreme Court of Pakistan for presidential form of government in the country. In his petition, Kasuri prayed to the apex court to direct Prime Minister to hold referendum under Article 48(6) of Constitution in order to determine the will of the people of Pakistan.

Earlier, on Wednesday last, the Registrar Office of the apex court had returned a similar constitutional petition seeking direction for Prime Minister to hold a referendum whether people for their welfare want presidential form of government or not? Kasuri filed the petition under Article 184(3) of Constitution saying that in the presidential system one popular leader at a national level will contest election and the entire country will be a single constituency. He added that if he is elected will have a wide choice of picking up best brain and talented persons as his cabinet members.

He stated that welfare of the people and the wellbeing of the country demands presidential system. He said, “If at any stage in the national interest the State and the constitution confront each other, naturally the choice of people would be to save the State instead of Constitution. The petitioner claimed that he is the founding father of the Constitution 1973. He stated that for United Pakistan he suffered very heavily and Z A Bhutto launched 18 attacks on his life and in one attack his late father Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan was murdered on 11th November 1974, eventually Bhutto was held responsible for the murder and was thus hanged.

Kasuri said that Pakistan inherited parliamentary form of government from Britain but did not have a rich background of democratic norm and tradition of democracy. The parliamentary democracy without education is only hypocrisy and the feudal system is yet another cause of failure of parliamentary democracy in Pakistan.

He continued that democratic political culture is the backbone of parliamentary form of government. A country without democratic culture can run any system but not democracy. He said that in nine years, Liaquat Ali Khan, Khawaja Nizamud Din, Muhammad Ali Bogra, I I Chundrighar, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali and Sir Feroz Khan Noon were appointed and removed as prime minister. This indicates how fragile the parliamentary form of government is for Pakistan.

Tahir Aziz Khan, Chairman Hum Awam Pakistan, and Dr Sadiq Ali, a PhD in turbine design from Ulster University, had also filed the petitions for presidential system, which was dismissed on Wednesday.