MOHMAND AGENCY - As many as eight militants were killed and 12 others injured, when Jet fighter plane and gunship helicopters struck their hideouts in various parts of Mohmand Agency on Saturday. Besides, a security man was also killed and six others wounded reportedly. The security forces continued their operation against the militants and struck their positions at Dawizai area in tehsil Pandyali and various suspected hideouts in tehsil Ambar. The forces used Jet fighter plane and gunship helicopters and struck the militants positions and the security forces claimed killing at least eight militants and injuring 12 others during the Saturday action against the militants in Kandao area of Mohmand Agency. It has been reported that a security man of Swat Scouts was also killed during the operation and seven others were injured. Meanwhile, fresh troops have arrived in Kota Tarap area of tehsil Ambar. Due to security reasons, the political administration of the Agency closed the Nahqi check post for all sorts of traffic. A beheaded body of one Nasihat Khan was recovered from Bahrain Koroona area of Lower subdivision, who had reportedly been beheaded by unknown men.