STRASBOURG (Agencies) - President Barack Obama has said NATO is committed to strengthening Pakistans ability and meet the needs of its people. He said development aid is key to Pakistans struggles against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. At the conclusion of the NATO summit in Strasbourg, France, Obama told reporters that his counterparts put NATOs 'stamp of approval on his strategy for the region. He said the US and its allies would put more money into Pakistan to provide help beyond the military fight. The US President was asked if he had a message for Al-Qaeda terrorists who are hiding out in the border region with Afghanistan. Obama said NATO is unified, strong and will not be worn down by the struggle. Obama said Pakistan had to have the capacity to tackle Al-Qaeda. I informed our allies that despite difficult circumstances we are going to put more money into Pakistan, conditional on action to meet the terrorist threat, he said. We want to bring all of our diplomatic and development skills to bear towards strengthening Pakistan, in part because they have to have the capacity to take on Al-Qaeda within their borders. Afghanistan is a joint problem, and it requires a joint effort, he said. Meanwhile, US President Oba-ma praised in Strasbourg on Saturday NATO allies for pledging to contribute more resources to support his new strategy in Afghanistan. I am pleased that our NATO allies pledged their strong and unanimous support for our new strategy, Obama told a press conference at the end of NATO summit. These commitments of troops, trainers and civilians represent a strong down payment toward securing Afghanistan, he said, referring to the allies agreement to send 5,000 more personnel to the war-torn Asian nation to train Afghan military forces and police. The additional forces include around 3,000 on short-term deployments to ensure presidential elections in Afghanistan in August and 2,000 trainers. Weve started to match real resources to achieve our goals, he said, urging for more. Well need more resources and a sustained effort to achieve our ultimate goals of safeguarding Afghanistan, Europe and the United States, he added, saying that those figures should not be taken as a ceiling. This effort cannot be Americas alone. All of NATO understands that Al-Qaeda is a threat to all of us and that this collective security effort must achieve its goals, he said. The trainers we are sending in are no less important than those in direct combat with the Taliban, Obama said. Asked when he expected the war in Afghanistan to end, He said We are going to get this job done. The summit focused on Afghanistan, NATO ties with Russia, the launching of NATOs Strategic Concept and the choice of a new NATO chief.