LAHORE- The Citizens of Lahore Saturday took out a peace rally condemning the Swat incident of flogging a young girl in the public gaze as well as to press for the government action for peace in the tribal and other restive areas of the NWFP where the terrorists now call the shots. A large number of citizens, NGOs, rights organisations, political activists, students, lawyers, and professionals led by Chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Asma Jahangir, Syed Iqbal Haider, Dr Mehdi Hassan, Mohsin Jugnoo, Saleema Hashmi, Ch Ghulam Abbas Naqi, Tariq Farooq and others moved from GPO chowk to the Punjab Assembly. The participants were carrying banners and placards and throughout the way they continued to chant loud slogans for protecting the life and other rights of the citizens, particularly belonging to Swat and the adjoining areas. The participants of the rally in strong words condemned the spread of Talibanisation in the country. A large number of women were among the protestors who stayed at the Faisal Chowk for around two hours and chanted slogans. Asma Jahangir and others on the occasion strongly condemned the Swat incident and the growing influence of Taliban in Swat, Dir and other parts. They said the situation was becoming threatening with every passing day as the Taliban influence had reached the urban areas as well. The speakers called for practical steps to curb the menace of terrorism and violence on women. They were of the view that under the cloak of Swat accord, the extremists elements has got their position firmed up after they had wreaked disaster in Swat and other parts. They said the extremists and Taliban are against the education of women and want to develop a society in their own terms isolating it from rest of the country. Asma Jahangir said it was a time to take strong action as Taliban wanted to get control over the country in the name of Sharia. She said failure of the government had obliged the citizens to come out and raise voice for their protection. Addressing Interior Minister Rahman Malik, she said he must take stock of the gravity of the situation, otherwise a Pakistani women would be obliged to come out to fight terrorists and Taliban. Iqbal Haider said their voice against terrorism and Talibanisation is the voice of the whole nation. This is our country and we have to protect it from Taliban, he added. Jugnoo Mohsin said no citizen could concede to the brutality of Taliban whose main target is the woman-folk. We would not allow anyone to thrust his brand of Islam on us, adding we did not achieve Pakistan to let the women suffer disgrace at the hands of extremists. She also discarded the Swat Accord. Muhammad Tahseen from Swat, Ghulam Abbas, Dr Mehdi Hassan, Perveen Soomro and others also spoke to the gathering. Meanwhile Tehreeke Minhaj-ul-Quran (women wing) also held a protest rally outside the Press club against the lashing of a woman in Swat. Hundreds of women activists led by its president Fatima Mushahdi were carrying placards and banners and chanted slogans against the Swat incident. Addressing on the occasion, Mushaddi said the public flogging incident of a woman had brought a very bad name to Pakistan. Those who flogged the young woman do not belong to Islam, she said, adding Islam gives respect to the women and safeguards their rights and did not permit harsh treatment to them by any means. She called for strict action against Taliban and those who are acting contrary to the interests of the country. Sumera Rafaqat said on the occasion that a handful of people were bringing a bad name to Islam by perpetrating acts of lashing women in Swat and other parts. They must be brought to book, she demanded. Pakistan Ulema Council has desired to argue before a full bench of the Supreme Court which is going to start suo moto proceedings on the Swat flogging incident. Announcing this decision, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi said the council representative would argue before the court on the point that lashing incident of a 17-old girl is in fact a step to sabotage the Swat Peace Accord and a part of deep conspiracy against the country and Islam. He said anti-Islamic forces want to defame the country at the international level and for that end, they are employing every tactics. He said madia has a big role to make the world assure that Pakistan is being trapped in a conspiracy.