KARACHI (PPI) - The National Commission on the Status of Women and other civil society organisations staged a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club on Saturday to condemn the flogging of a girl in Swat. The protesters were carrying placards and chanting slogans to condemn the act and 'Talbanisation in the country. They demanded of the government and Chief Justice to take action against the perpetrators of Swat incident. Later, addressing a press conference, Chairperson of National Commission on the Status of Women Anis Haroon strongly condemned the flogging of the young girl. She said this was a serious issue and blatant violation of human rights. She said it is not important how long before this incident happened. She said according to media another womans throat was cut on the charge of illicit relations on 31 March and several women were beaten for visiting market. Civil society is against of war and want peace in country. I do not agree that this is a conspiracy. We will not allow making Pakistan an Afghanistan, she said. She condemned violation of the rights of women in the name of religion or tradition. She welcomed Chief Justices sou moto action into the incident. Noted rights activist Majida Rizvi said we all are ashamed due to this heinous act. According to the constitution no law could be formed against Quran and Sunnah, she said. There is a Federal Shariat Court but still every person wants to apply his own Shariat, she observed. Swat is the part of our country there should be the writ of Pakistan government, she added. Seemi Kamal and others also spoke. They demanded that the writ of government be established in all parts of Pakistan and unequivocal equal rights for all women of Pakistan in all provinces be provided. Representatives of Women Action Forum, Aurat Foundation, Hisaar Foundation, Shirkatgah, War Against Rape, Pakistan Womens Foundation for Peace Womens Network, Women & Water Network and PMA House were present on the occasion.