KABUL (AFP) - A soldier in a NATO-led force fighting an extremist insurgency in Afghanistan died in a bomb blast Saturday while the US military announced it had killed 35 Taliban-linked insurgents. An ISAF soldier died after a bombing in southern Afghanistan, ISAF said in a statement. ISAF, which draws its troops from 42 nations, does not release the nationalities of its casualties, leaving it to their home country. Also Saturday, a remote-controlled roadside bomb killed two policemen and wounded four when it blew up their vehicle in southern Zabul province, deputy provincial police chief Ghulam Jailani Khan told AFP. The US-led coalition, which works alongside ISAF and the Afghan forces, said meanwhile that Afghan and international troops killed 20 insurgents in the southern province of Helmand. on Friday. The battle in the strategic Kajaki district erupted after a patrol was ambushed by numerous men in a known Taliban stronghold, it said in a statement. The combined forces returned fire with small-arms fire and called for close air support, destroying six enemy fighting positions and killing 20 insurgents, it said. A statement later said 15 more militants were killed in Kajaki on Saturday and a large bomb-making facility, drugs lab and weapons cache uncovered.