STRASBOURG, France (AFP) - US President Barack Obama led a chorus of disapproval at a summit of NATO leaders on Saturday against a new Afghan law they say imposes Taliban-style restrictions on women. Karzai has come under pressure from his Western allies for signing a law that Western media reports say means Shia women cannot leave the house without her husbands permission. NATO leaders meeting in the French city of Strasbourg were united in expressing their strong disapproval, with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown saying he had phoned Karzai to express his grave concern. The law risks putting Afghanistan back to its past rather than towards it democratic future where men and women are treated equally, Brown told reporters. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said it was a unanimous demand by NATO members that womens rights are defended and respected by the Afghan government. We are there (in Afghanistan) to defend our values.... We refuse to compromise on these values, Sarkozy said in a closing news conference. Sarkozys co-host for the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, called the law unacceptable and for it to be scrapped. Everyone in Afghanistan should have the right to live in freedom, Merkel said. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said there was enormous pressure on the Afghan government to revoke the law. The equality of men and women goes to the heart of our value system and our engagement in that country and our opposition to the Taliban and the Taliban government, he said. A senior Italian defence official meanwhile said on the sidelines of the NATO summit that Rome might bring home the 30 female members of its 2,665-strong military contingent in Afghanistan in protest. The UN human rights chief in Afghanistan, Navi Pillay, on Thursday urged the Afghan government to revoke new legislation, saying it was reminiscent of the decrees made by the Taliban regime. Under the new regulations, Shia women would be forbidden from leaving their homes except for legitimate purposes, Pillays office said. They are also banned from working or receiving education without their husbands permission, it said.