KARACHI (PPI) - As the temperature has started rising up, power load-shedding upto six hours on daily basis is being carried out in the city, vexing citizens with no letup expected to occur this summer. The business and social activities have badly been affected owing to electricity outages across the city. The businessmen have been compelled to run generators to develop their own power by spending millions of rupees, while those who could not afford this facility are suffering more losses. The KESC has abruptly failed to overcome loadshedding despite repeated protests by businessmen and civil society members. Despite being an international city, the glories of Karachi are being ruined by carrying out massive load-shedding. The power outages not only cause water shortages but also affect civic activities. They also compel people to pass sleepless nights. The offices of Newspapers and News Agencies, an emerging industry, are also not being spared of load-shedding. The big media organisations however arrange their own power supply to continue their business but the small institutions have to shut their business during power outages and ultimately suffer financial losses. It is matter of great concern that despite having huge coal sources, power is still not being generated from these sources. Almost all governments have so far failed to generate power from rich coal sources of Thar. The loadsheding has also been tormenting patients in the Civil Hospital, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre and other hospitals of the city due to lack of government interest towards plight of the patients. Furthermore, students in universities, colleges and schools are also being compelled to endure power outages. The situation has turned so worst that power is not supplied even during annual examinations. The City Council Karachi in its recent emergency session also strongly condemned the rising power outages and demanded reversal of KESC privatization. The metropolitan is hit by power shortages because of inadequate generating capacity and electricity theft in many areas including Lyari, Malir, Korangi. It seems that the government and KESC have no responsibility to stop this menace. To say that power outages in Karachi are due to lack of the government interest will be not wrong because rulers in the previous and this government were seen struggling to save their chairs as they have no time to end woes of people.