KARACHI - Pakistan's batting world record holder women cricketer Kiran Baloch has said that the PWCCA which she said still is the de jure national women's cricket body has single handedly contributed without official patronage more to the development of women's cricket in Pakistan. Talking to The Nation on Saturday, Kiran Baloch who slammed women's test record knock of 242 under trying circumstances against the visiting West Indies here at the National Stadium, five years ago, said the PWCCA introduced Pakistani women to international cricket and was run without a controversy until outsiders jealous of the success of the PWCCA intruded and tried to create unnecessary controversies. She along with bowling record holding Shaiza Khan, said that she would have added strength to Pakistan team in the ICC Women's World Cup but the selection of Pakistan team hurt due to the egos of the PCB women's wing. Pakistan women's team performance in Australia should be seen in the background of the achievements of the PWCCA in test and World Cup, she added. Unlike the present time when the selection of Pakistan team for the first ICC Women's Cup became a debating point, the PWCCA ran cricket on merit without any controversies until outside charlatan cricket elements camouflaged as supporters of the game tried in vain to create one. A lady she accused who now holds the reins of women's cricket in Pakistan allegedly supported a group of players to speak against the PWCCA after it returned home from a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1997. A few players who were taken on the tour were encouraged to hold press conferences to speak against the tour and against the PWCCA. These girls she alleged were prompted by those elements that were against the success of the PWCCA and its chairman Shaiza Khan. The PWCCA under Shaiza was run on sheer merit with the aim to promote women's cricket. Despite all the odds the PWCCA succeeded in creating awareness amongst the girls to play cricket. The PWCCA established in 1996 worked successfully until 2003 when the PCB interfered with it and allegedly illegally took over the administration of women's cricket in Pakistan. Huge money was poured in women's cricket but the PCB women's wing with all that money has not been able to really make an impact at grass root level. The PWCCA with its limited resources had done a lot and the PCB women wing reaped the fruit of the hard work done by the PWCCA in the past. He said the PWCCA was still hoping that justice would be done and the organization was given back its rights. She said as members of one family were dominating the PCB, she and her other colleagues in the PWCCA has little hope to get justice but with a former Pakistan test player taking over an important position at the PCB they see a ray of hope. She disclosed that she along with Shaiza Khan who emerged as the best bowler against the West Indies taking 13 wickets still play in England. Shaiza Khan, Kiran Baloch and Sharmeen Khan have been inducted as full members in the MCC at Lords in 2003.